Naked Human by Christopher Poindexter

Seldom does a book come your way or its rare for you to find a book, where every word, every page is like your thoughts on paper. It’s like the author knows exactly what you feel and think about different things, be it love, gratitude, depression or for that matter alcohol. 
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Just WRITE it!!!

When I had the idea for this blog everything worked well in my head, I had planned everything out, I thought about writing reviews for the books I’ve read and about the different experiences, I thought all of this would be cake walk but I was  wrong.
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Letters to the dead by Ava Dellaira

  Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira We have all written letters to our friends, family and lovers, even to our old selves (English assignment), but I’m not sure if we have written a letter to a person who is no more. What would we want to say to them?
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Mirror, mirror on the wall

I had a different topic to write about today, however something happened yesterday while I was waiting with my friend for coffee and hence this article. While we were waiting for our order, a guy walked in, he was wearing a regular t-shirt and rugged jeans, was wheatish in colour and had a beard as long as Noah.
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Not so long ago, there was a time when books did nothing for me, I had/have friends who would immerse themselves in books and I would wonder what joy do they get in those books. What does reading do for someone (apart from the person bragging that they have read books that we mortals haven’t read)? Then there was a […]
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It’s finally here, after all the procrastination that went on for what seemed like eternity, booksandsoulcurry is ready. Before I post anything, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who’ve been instrumental in this. I know you must be wondering this is just a blog and why the thank you bit, but for me its […]
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